Wide Retractable Pet Gate

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Retractable Gate Pet Stair Gate Dog Safety Barrier Extendable Safety Gate for Indoors and Outdoors

How To Use It :


Features Retractable Pet Gate

1- Perfect for children and pets: The safety gate can be used as a baby door or a pet door to block the walking of babies and pets.

2- One-handed operation: One-handed operation allows you to open and close while holding your baby, toy, diaper, and you can easily pass.

3- Telescopic design: TelescopicPet gate r can be extended to about 51 inches wide and about 34 inches high. It can be adjusted according to any door/staircase width, up to about 51 inches. The net can be completely retracted when not in use, thus saving space.

4- Double lock function: There is a locking mechanism on the top of the baby gate, which can lock and unlock when you are busy, effectively blocking babies and small and medium-sized dogs to ensure their safety. Play in a closed environment.

5- Using in more than one location: The retractable dog gate includes two sets of mounting hardware for use in more than one location. It can be installed on the top and bottom of stairs, doorways, corridors, indoors and wooden boards.


There are so many hazards around the home, particularly when you consider today's
trend for open plan living. That's why a retractable stair gate is so important,
so here is the good child/pet gates for your door.

Name: Safety Pet & Baby Gate
Color: white
Scalable size: about 0-130cm/51.18 inches in width, about 87cm/34.25 inches in height
Packing size: about 11*8.5*95cm/4.33*3.35*37.40 inches

Suitable for: bedroom, stairs, porch, bedroom, etc. indoor and outdoor
Suggestion: use for doors with a width of about 1.3m/51.18 inches or less

Packing incloud :
1*Safety Gate


1. Please follow the instructions to install a safe baby/pet door.
2. The maximum width is about 51 inches (130cm).
3. This product is only suitable for installation on a flat, hard wall or solid wood.

4. Please do not install the stair door above the stairs.



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